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Different Rain - poem

Monday, Feb. 04, 2002

sometimes I write and its right
and sometimes I write and its all wrong mistakes in motion Iíve crossed out or underlined
sometimes it comes out in bursts of pain
and nothing is ever clearly defined
inside of me, like a melody without a song
there is clearly aÖ

Different Rain

You are the river
I am swimming in
I am tired
Itís been too many laps
To escape from where
Iíve just been within

You are the color rainbow
I am mixing you up like sin
You are turning black
And I still canít topple you
I canít ever win

I am diluted
Now you are polluted
In your freshest snow
I have left my wicked track

We have danced the shape of footprints
All along the secluded path
You are pushing me away
Against and yet with all my will
I am hugging you back

You are the river
I am the currents map
I am a treeís limbs
Holding you
You are licking always kissing
With lips of words
My intended trap

Contradiction is perfection
It knows how to play loves game
I am in the dark
You are hiding inside the flame

Maybe my introspection
Is hanging me
From wires that have
Rusted in all the rain
Maybe I love you too much
Cried too many tears
Maybe Iíve lost
And maybe youíre
Just about playing the game

There is no answer
Just emotions played out
In vein

Maybe I need you
Want you
Feed from you
To the point of becoming

Becoming someone

Maybe that is love
Is love?

love isÖ
Never finding yourself
To be the same

I would rather love a moment than never have a moment to love. - PoeticaL

what about love?
donítí you want someone to care about you?
what about love?
donít let it slip away
what about love?
I only want to share it with you
You might need it someday

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