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Monday, May. 13, 2002

Questions that keep rolling through my mind…


  1. How do I get myself to begin this book that’s locked up inside of me? 
  2. Should I take a writing class and learn or just start to write?
  3. Should I try to type it all and only write from home?
  4. Will it work if I write in a notebook?
  5. Wouldn’t that take much longer?
  6. I’m still enamored with writing it all on post it notes….hmmm
  7. When can I get xp on my computer at home?
  8. Should I type my book only into my laptop or split it all up between that and my desktop?
  9. Should I work on an outline of my story line or just type away and let it write itself?
  10. Perhaps I should read that book that dumbass “him” bought me for Christmas????



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