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Friday, May. 10, 2002
  1. How close is your relationship to your mother?
    It is non-existent.

  2. How much does she influence you and your personal life?
    More than if we had an actual relationship I bet.

  3. Does she treat you fairly? Who is her favorite child?
    Absolutely not! It’s always been my sister….her favorite perfect child was never me.

  4. What qualities (physical and personality) do you inherit from your mother?
    I unfortunately got her natural propensity to have a fat ass.

  5. Do you or did you want to be someone like your mother? Why?
    Never! Oh god shoot me in the head first!

  6. Have you bought the Mother's Day gift? What is it or what it will be?
    Of course, I bought myself some lovely coffees. And plan to have a nice weekend.
    Oh…that was probably meant for her……
    Can’t buy a gift for someone that refuses to acknowledge that you are her child!

  7. How will you celebrate the Mother's Day this year?
    With my husband and my son.

  8. Say something to your mother. You can even write an imaginary letter here.
    Dear Egg Donor,
    Karma is a thing that will catch up to you one day. In an effort to facilitate Karma’s efforts I wish I could buy him a pair of very fast sneakers.
    Your Non-Existent Daughter

Submitted to Saturday 8 by PoeticaL.

note...I will call my egg donor and say "happy mother's day" she will hang up. The odds are in favor.
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