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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2002
How is it that some people have these weird issues? I mean people don’t use the restroom or go “pee” on TV. And now it’s even carried over onto the Internet? Whatever. I pee. I don’t have a restroom….that’s my bedroom thank you very much. I go to the can and piss. That’s life. I don’t go with a gaggle of my girlfriends to powder my nose either!!! This is just too weird for me. Go ahead and take a gander while I pee.

James: how is my baby doing?

Me: ok but me gots to pee

Me: brb

Me: ahhhhhhhhh

Me: me feel betta

James: thanks for sharing that :P

Me: I know

Me: you don't like the word "pee"

James: nope actually i dont :P

James: if you have ever noticed

James: i have said the restroom :P

Me: I know

Me: but I'm gonna say pee

Me: and that's that

Me: your funny

Me: you can have phone sex...but you can't hear PEE

Me: whatever!

James: exactly :-)

James: certain things i can say and do

James: but saying that is NOT one of them :P

Me: well but...I had to PEE

Me: so that's what I said

Me: I peed

Me: I feel better

James: *covers eyes*

Me: its a normal function

Me: you can groan and …well…

Me: but I can't say "pee"

Me: I just don't get it

James: exactly

Me: hmm

Me: ok I won't pee anymore

Me: I'll quietly disappear

Me: without explanation

James: bah

James: pfft

James: just say you have to use the restroom easy :P

Me: hey James

Me: I had to use the restroom

Me: cause I had to pee

James: mmmmmm


James: ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Me: but I'm done in the restroom now

James: *shakes head*

Me: cause I already peed

James: GAH!

James: enough!

Me: teehee

Me: this is fun

Me: know what my favorite body part starts with?

James: *refuses to answer*

Me: c'mon

Me: it starts with a "PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

Me: HAHAHA teeheee...

Me: awww don't be like that.... it's not worth getting all Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee v'd about!

James: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Me: say what?

Me: N....O.... P!

James: nuffim

Me: would you let me watch you in the RESTROOM?

Me: can I brush my teeth while you PEE?


James: seriously.

Me: awww P---hooey

Me: I didn't mean to piss you off

James: like i said i can say all kinda shit but that is ONE thing i can not stand to hear or say.

Me: how come? can you explain?

James: the best way to put it

James: is like hearing finger nails on a chokeboard.

Me: k

James: chaulkboard..........whatever.

James: its something that has always rubbed me wrongly

Me: <-----changes her "peeroom" sign to "restroom"

Me: I'll brb I gotta "restroom"

James: *sighs*

James: dont mock me ok?

Me: ((((((((James))))))))

Me: I don't like that word "mock". It's like fingernails on a chalkboard

Me: it sounds too much like Cock

Me: brb restroom

James: :-)

Me: I am done using the restroom, but I did have a nap there since I had to rest awhile.

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