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alice in wonderland

Saturday, Aug. 23, 2003
My online friend Bryan and I have been discussing the fact that I have read tons of books, but few classics and if I enroll in college like I want to then I’ll be behind on reading lists even though I’ve read hundreds of books. We jointly decided to challenge each other and this is how it went. If you’d like to read along and play along just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to include you in my quest for more classics on my “have read” list. Special thanks to krimsonlake for further pushing me….those books will be read as well.

Bry: alive in wonderland?

Me: lol, no I meant alice

Bry: oh ok

Bry: sounds good...it's online for free too

Me: exactly

Me: but we have to have rules

Me: or neither of us will read it

Me: how about we try to read one chapter per week and you can ask me 5 questions and i'll ask you 5 questions and we'll trade them on a agreed upon time

Bry: ok

Me: ok so when shall we start?

Me: oh and.....just for kicks...whomever clearly is not reading along each week...will be the WRONG party for life

Me: if some circumstances..like death...or blindness do occur for the week......it is up to the other party to humanly excuse the guilty non reading party

Bry: what does that mean, to be the wrong party?

Me: forever WRONG

Me: um...er meaning the other reading party is forever RIGHT

Me: lol

Bry: about what though?

Me: anything :-)

Me: ain't that grand?

Me: lol

Me: you better read is all I can say

Bry: ohhhhhhhh

Me: lol

Me: perhaps we should both read the same version for free online somewhere? do you know where Alice can be found?

Bry: had it bookmarked....lemme see if i still have it

Me: k

Bry: http://www.literature.org/authors/carroll-lewis/

Me: ok so it looks to me like we have 12 weeks of this

Me: think we can successfully read this book together?

Bry: i can read it, sure

Me: ok...and we are reading alices adventures in wonderland and not through the looking glass...right?

Bry: right

Me: kewlness

Me: i'm all for it

Me: we might actually do something constructive with our online friendship eh?

Bry: lol

Me: I say we start and work from Sunday to Sunday

Bry: it's always contructive kwisty!

Me: meaning next sunday we exchange questions....and begin chapter 2

Me: <---likes to take over all projects she comes up with

Me: lol

Bry: how about 3 chapters a week?


Me: a challenge?

Me: did you already read this damned book?

Bry: not yet.....not all of it anyways

Me: ok i'll let you have a headstart and we can do 3 chapters a week

Me: ok?

Bry: ok

Me: but that means 5 questions per chapter totalling 15

Me: I am not going to be duped into reading a flipping classic alone

Me: lol

Bry: ok

Me: if this works out well you can pick the next book k?

Bry: would it be cheating if i read the whole book in a week?

Me: lol

Me: no

Me: just so you are indeed reading the book

Me: and can answer the questions properly

Me: and do not own a cliff notes and are honestly not cheating

Bry: ok

Me: its a deal then

Bry: deal

Me: ok happy reading

Bry: let's shake on it

Me: <----*snickers* at fact that she got a truck owning texas dude to read alice

Me: *extends hand* *shakes*

Bry: good...it's a done deal

Me: yup

Me: done

Me: you didn't shake

Me: lol

Me: cheater

Bry: yes i did

Me: no you said lets shake on it

Me: then you didn't

Bry: *extends hand* *shakes*

Me: ok now remember ....you have to write me 15 questions so you might want to work on those as you read

Bry: *squeezes kwisty's little hand*

Me: teeheee

Me: *ouch*

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