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Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2002
Hotornot.com is a pretty kewl place. So far I have met 2 guys on there. Guys that contacted me first. That’s a nice feeling. You know that if they said, “yes” to meeting you that they wanted to talk to you.

Enter David stage left….

David lives within 15 minutes of my apartment. He’s single. He’s employed. He’s not from this f’d up state I live in. He’s funny as hell…in the middle of one of the worst weeks of my life…he has me laughing. David spends his free time hanging out at Borders (woohoooo!!!) on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. He told me he has books he hasn’t read yet and still goes back and buys books. He’s read some awesome books including Swimming Sweet Arrow which I talked about here on my diary…. I told him I owned and had read that book and he said Border’s is getting tired of him asking if there are any new books by her. ;-) How totally sweet….

He recommended some books to me and I’m planning on checking them out….

Fay – Larry Brown

Celebration – Harry Crews

Backroads – Tawni O’dell

Life without water – Nancy Peacock

We talked forever last night….this morning I got this email from him….

Well it's 3:00 a.m. , and i just got through with a very long,
yet very interesting conversation with
this girl named Kristy!! Just wanted to say that i enjoyed
talking with you, and hope to hear from you
again real soon. have a good day!


This time it’s very different because he lives right here. I told him the same thing I’ve told everyone…I need a friend right now. He asked me if I wanted to hit Borders with him this weekend….

awwwwww… someone that writes….reads…is funny as hell….and he’s cool with makin’ friends because he’s not from here either. I am grinning about this…. A big grin! And our first “meeting” will be at my favorite place.

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