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Monday, Jun. 17, 2002

Someone remind me tomorrow
How I should have went to bed right now
Someone come along during my sorrow
And tell me I lied and remind me all about how
Someone tell me how to fix it all again
Give me the clearest of directions and then
Someone tell me exactly from point A to B
How to fix this big self created misery
Someone tell me how to not love him
Or tell me how to do it so itís right
Someone remind me when it becomes dim
How glaringly happy I was tonight
Someone wave a magic wand
Because now that I understand, I want
Someone to clear the pebbles from our pond
So that someday he can hold my hand
Someone close your eyes and whisper
To a fairy passing by
Someone tell her as she lingers
I donít want to say goodbye
SomeoneÖthere is no one
That will ever be like him
Someone tell me how to get out of
This mess I closed myself way in
Someone go and kiss him
So that when he learns of my sins
Someone might remind him
That it had nothing to do with him
Someone come and hold me
Lie and say itíll be all right
Someone wipe away my tears
I donít ever want to lose his light
Someone make yesterday be tomorrow
So I can relive it again
Someone make the impossible happen
So that I can make right every today we're again in
Someone remind me that my fears
They were what brought me here
Someone go and tell him
And let him calmly hear
That someone out there loves him
More than the biggest of her mistakes
Someone tell him that sheís sorry
And she hopes itís not too late
Someone sit and listen
And learn from what Iíve done, so
Someone else wonít be wishing
That they hadnít been so dumb
Someone wipe away my tears
So that I can somehow sleep tonight
Someone tell me how to fix it
So that it never hurts him like it just might
Someone tell him that I love him
Because the truth is that I do
Someone please tell him for me
Because there's been too many lies Öand now
He might not believe itís true.

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