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Wednesday, May. 25, 2005
So what did I do for the last 24 hours? I moved. I moved everything I own (except for a few odd’s and end’s including our coffee table (the glass top is heavy!), a few candleholders that need removed from the walls, and about a box and a half of cleaning supplies stored in the lower cabinets of the kitchen. We’ll probably finish that out tonight. We did get some help from the man’s twin brother and girlfriend and her daughter and also my son came over after his day at “horse” camp. (Apparently horse camp is where your Daddy can afford to send you when he doesn’t have to pay for health insurance???)

I also reported the complex to the Health Department and some nice lady is coming tonight to “inspect” the dwelling. I am no longer living there so yes I should no longer be concerned but after they sent 3 Mexican workers over to “fix” it with a piece of drywall I had enough and knew something had to be done so that the next tenants would not incur any health problems.

I did take pictures of the kitchen prior to the removal of the cabinets and afterwards as well, so there’s plenty of documentation.

And that right now…is all the time I have to write….
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