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A Still Small Voice

Monday, Mar. 11, 2002
I have a onebox which is a really kewl voice mail system. You can get a toll free voice mail box number for free. www.onebox.com Anyways…I got this voice mail..just picked it up this morning..a few days late….I gotta check on that thing more often….but….

Hey…it’s uh Dan your loyal imposter. I just wanted to call and say hi and tell you I hope your date goes good tonight and everything and just uh check up on you and see how your doing and I really hope everything goes good for you this weekend. I hope you have a good weekend. You’ll be in my prayers and thoughts this weekend. I just want you to know that you are a very strong person and you deserve the best. And hopefully I’ll talk to you on Monday cause I’m not an imposter…well I have to go…so…k….bye

Awwwwwwwwww…ya know if he was available I’d want to treat him like a postage stamp immediately. I wish I could make him some chicken noodle soup and help him get his voice back…poor sick babie…

-PoeticaL @ 866-206-9071 x1485

A Still Small Voice

A still small voice will speak to you one day.
A still small voice will call to you and say,
" I am the earth, the sky, the brightest star on high,
the tallest tree, the smallest drop of dew."
A still small voice one day will say to you!

The still small voice from every voice apart,
Will whisper in the language of your heart,
" I am the night, the day, the blessing and the way,
the dream that keeps a lonely heart aglow!"
Once you have heard the word a still small voice will say,
your heart will answer,
"Yes, I know!"

Music by Ben Weisman with lyrics by Al Stillman
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