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Saturday, Jun. 29, 2002
Ok I’m sitting around and my phone hasn’t rung. I hate this part of things because all the doubts start to grow arms and legs and beat me about the head and body. And he said morning and here we are at 2:23 p.m. and no call. I swear if he doesn’t call I’m throwing myself out of a window.

Wait..my windows are a mere 2 feet off the ground level. That will just not work. Figures.

I got up and took a bath. Brushed my hair a thousand times to make it shine. Then I did the “pre-fix”. You know, when you know you’ll fix it up later again.

Phone just rang here and I got all excited….. Husband….calling me to see what we need from the grocery store. Grrr. false alarm.

I need to go make an emergency chocolate run. And maybe I need to chop off my long pink fingernails and face it. Maybe he bailed out. *sigh*
2:36 p.m. ::
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