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Thursday, Mar. 21, 2002
Good Fucking Grief!
I’m meeting him at the bookstore. I’m not leaving with him from the bookstore. I am “meeting” him there. Going nowhere else with him. And I’ll make sure no one is following me when I leave.

His email this morning….

Subject: Borders tonight

I'm thinking about going to Border's tonight after i get out of
class at 8:15. if you want we can
meet up there. what'd think? well I hope you got some much needed
sleep, and you are well
rested. have a great day:)


I’m going and I’m not afraid of him. He’s cuter than Ted too. And Loki…why don’t you just stop reading my diary?

Do you recall this? Well…yesterday I got a card in the mail. (Yes I gave another Ted Bundy my address…but he’s in New Jersey!!) The card reads…

That we might know
How high our
On making
Your dream
Come true

And he handwrote this poem inside of it….

I know this time is hard for you,
But you’ll survive (you always do)
The time will come to make big plans
Your future now is in your hands
Be ready, then, for anything,
And everything, for this is true;
There isn’t anything in this whole world
That you can’t do

He also mailed me a postal money order for $75. I suppose someone’s gonna say the piece of mail had anthrax on it? Whatever!

I think he did a nice thing and someday I’m gonna Pay it Forward….

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