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Friday, Oct. 04, 2002
21 days...and then..

t: there you are!
me: <----fell out of her chair and hit her head
t: lol
t: just got back :)
me: yeahhhhhhhhh
t: you ok
me: yeah I'm fine
me: I'm all :) :) :)
t: that is good to hear..


me: tell me something....
t: something
me: lol
me: smarty pants
me: when you sit down and are about to send me that first pm
t: smarty no-pants
me: whats going through your head?
me: lol smarty no pants
t: what was going through my head...
me: yes.
t: will she remember me...
t: will she be mad...
t: is she really there?
me: i will never forget you
t: :-)
me: if you go away forever and come back the last day I am alive i will be happy that last day
me: i will still open my arms to you
me: and I will never ever be mad that you came front
t: :-)
me: never t
me: not now not ever will I be mad at you for coming to me
t: good...
t: it is better for you young lady
me: lol
me: i'm not afraid of you soldier
t: not even if I pull out my big gun?


me: have things been crazy there? like dangerous?
t: depends on the definition of dangerous is
me: ok...we'll leave that at that
me: geez
t: ok...so I wont tell you about the recent attacks...
me: arghhhhh
t: or the guy that got shot yesterday...
me: ohhh man....
t: or the weapons that they found out side one of the sites
t: or the the attack that they found out that was being planned for the 5 & 6 of October
me: OMG thats tomorrow
t: yep


me: i've gotten better about things
me: because i've had to
me: you either let yourself drive yourself crazy til it all feels bad
me: or you remember why you want to know a person and you hold onto what is good
t: :-)
t: yep
me: i picked the latter
t: :-)
t: : :-)
me: i'm just a worrier by nature
t: a word warrior ;)
me: teeeheee
me: no worrier
me: not warrior
t: same thing....if you say it right ;-)
me: lol
me: i just think maybe i have something all built up in my head and you're walking around not even thinking about me.... like i'm just a passing thing you do when you're bored and stuff... if I found that out..i think i'd be pretty hurt
me: i mean if thats what it is...thats ok too..just...i'd rather know now
t: why would I not think about you?
me: *shrugs*
t: <---is no fool
me: because you're working.... you're busy
me: its not required
me: maybe it's just not there
t: humpft
me: lol stop that
t: humpft
t: humpft
t: humpft
me: ok...so you never think....gee... maybe someday I'll want to talk to kristy and she'll just be gone
me: or she'll tell me she met someone
me: or....she'll move away
me: or.....or...or...
me: you never think that stuff ever?
t: nope...but I am optimistic at times
me: optimistic?
me: what do you mean?
t: that things never change
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