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bucky chats..school gunman

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2002
Me: you're quiet

“him”: thought you were in big discussion

Me: me?

“him”: thats what bucky typed

Me: really?

Me: lol

“him”: yeah

Me: what did he say?

Me: he didn't even tell me anything

“him”: you know anyone else that spells confushun like that

Me: teeeheee

Me: tell me what he said

Me: i wish you woulda saved that

“him”: he said you were in a big conversation

Me: did he spell conversation right?

“him”: save that? i only have 80 gigs

“him”: no

“him”: just ask him to retype it

Me: why did he type the word confusion?

“him”: maybe it was supposed to be conversation

“him”: anyhew its was spelled weird

Me: lol

Me: did he say who he was?

Me: i just asked him what you said back

Me: and he said

Me: "they didn't say anything i just said bye and clicked it gone"

“him”: this is bucky?

Me: i'm typing to you..bucky is telling me this

“him”: he said this is bucky and my mom is having a big conversashun

“him”: i ok , thank you

“him”: he said by

“him”: i said goodbye

“him”: thats it

Me: ok

Me: he just didn't tell me that

Me: and i think it's cute

“him”: im sure you would

Me: little kid can't spell...can't type....tries to tell computer mommys gone

Me: ha

“him”: what was the big conversashun

“him”: lol

Me: real funny

Me: on the phone with his friends mother about what happened last night

“him”: oh i c

Me: boring shit

Me: big conversashun deal to bucky since it involves him

“him”: i get it

Me: i asked him "who did you type to?"

Me: he said "the green one"

Me: haaaaaaaaa

“him”: lol thats it

“him”: gee i wonder who that could be

Me: but he didn't say a word about it until you told me


Me: heyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Me: bucky went to school today

Me: and get this shit

Me: some freak guy with a gun walking around the parking lot

Me: they made the kids crouch on their hands and knees

Me: for 45 minutes

Me: he had to run across the PE field to get into the building

Me: with his gym class

“him”: damn

Me: i know damn

Me: total fucking bullshit

“him”: did they arrest him

Me: bucky doesn't know shit

Me: i'm going to call the school tomorrow

Me: i want to know what the hell happened

Me: and why the hell didn't they notify the parents of something like this

Me: he shoulda had some note to bring home

“him”: didnt want a wide spread panic

Me: well sure...but fuck

Me: thats nuts

“him”: they dealt with it so you don’t have too

Me: some freak coulda just walked onto that property and started shooting at groups of kids

Me: the whole world is fucked

“him”: some freak can do that any school day

“him”: most killings are seldom random

“him”: theres almost always a motive or reason

“him”: some connection

Hard to think there's a connection to anything when it comes to this. Hard to feel anything but fear.

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