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Bye Josh

Monday, Aug. 26, 2002
I canít speak for Josh, but he seems to have little to say. I have no hard feelings against him and can only wish him well in life and hope that he finds his own happiness. Iím sure heíll speak to me again but even if he chooses to it wonít ever be the same. I donít do well with people that cause problems where there never had to be any. Least of all someone that judges me and yet isnít perfect themselves. (ie: that would be any judgmental person)

Ironically I know he can and might continue to read my diary and yet never speak to me again. This is a pitfall of having a diary. A person can know about your life without putting forth an effort to have contact. So be it.

My opinion of Josh remains high. Although I am sad about all of this, because I simply do not even understand. Thatís the tough part. And donít send me any of your prolific quote stealing intellectual stuff, letís skip it. You need to quit hiding behind other peopleís words and find your own.

Good Luck Josh.

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