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Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005
Lately I’ve grown bored with writing in my diary. It’s as though I’ve spent so many years struggling and changing and now I am on the right path. I now see the light. It’s like most of the years I spent writing in my diary were years of misery and now I sometimes have a hard time relating to why I’m doing this when things are good. But then I had a conversation with a friend and mentioned that I really like having a gaging point in which I can look back on my life and remember where I came from. So many years of getting comments from readers that said, “You’re all messed up!” and even worse….and it’s been a long long time since I get that sort of email. And that’s ok. I surely was confused and all over the road for a long long time. I still run into brick walls with some things, but I know myself so much better than I ever have before. There’s room for improvement, but then again if anyone thinks that there is not room for improvement, then they are just flat out in denial.

I am not saying I am going to stop writing, just that I am re-evaluating why I do what I do here. I know that I love having input from people that have something positive to offer in the way of advise. Constructive criticism is ok too. I just don’t agree with people running amuck on the Internet exploiting people for their own agenda. I think some odd competition breaks out so often where people want to have popularity and be loved by the masses.

I have made friends this way, as much as you can be a friend with someone you’ve never met. These interactions can serve to create good interactions with other’s to learn more about how people live in other states, countries, etc. I think it’s a broadening of the mind and how we view the world.

The thing I love the absolute most about having this outlet is talking about books. I’m a book freak and I love to document what I’ve written, bought, and how I change due to the books I have read. Recently I have wanted to read more education type of books. More cooking style books. I love travel narratives because when they’re done well, they serve as a vacation for the soul that is only $14.99. Now that’s a great and affordable vacation.

In the last two weeks I have somehow managed to work fulltime, do extra stuff regarding work, do all of my normal schoolwork, implement daily exercise into my day and read a few books. It amazes me what I have been able to accomplish with my time. I am really proud of myself.

First I read…

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This book was just an easy read, entertaining and with such a honest voice and narrative. I loved every page of this book. It was close to being a chick lit book and reminded me of Jennifer Weiner, but it wasn’t a Jennifer book. I really liked the characters and how well they were detailed and written. I give this my book expert thumbs up…twice.

Next came….

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This book was also a fast read. It is not a fiction book. Julie decided to make every recipe in a Julia Child’s recipe book in a years time. Julie had a blog on salon.com and then it turned into this book. I wish wish wish I had known this and been able to read her adventures on a daily basis. It would have been so exciting wondering if she was able to do it or not instead of already knowing she did it. I read this book in two nights after exercising, studying and eating dinner. Two nights!!! I had a difficult time putting it down and fell asleep almost stuck in the spine one of those nights. This story reads like a personal blog for sure. It was pure entertainment. It made me wonder what I was doing with all of my own time if this girl could come home nightly and tackle French cooking. I giggled through the chapter about removing marrow from a bone. It was disgusting but I could so imagine myself setting out on some mission like this and ending up in this situations. I once read 52 books in one year and it really changed me. Knowing it could be done. I thought it was easy, but so so many non-reading sort of people were flabbergasted at my accomplishment. I loved this book. Absolutely enjoyed every page. Julia is quirky and fun and real. I also learned a lot about Julia Child’s and that was great too.

Then I decided to pick up this one….

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Again I loved this book. This was a story I could somewhat relate to but in an inside out backwards kind of way. The main character happens to be the “other woman”. I disliked her throughout the book because she was a self-proclaimed homewrecker. This book is about her struggles to love her new husband’s child from the marriage she broke up. She doesn’t do such a great job. I loved the stepson William and his character is so well developed you wish you could go find this child and spend time with him yourself. All in all I loved this book as well.

Now what am I going to read? I have to decide. It’s always hard for me to decide because I buy so many books, own so many books and own a lot I haven’t read and yet still buy the upcoming books I hear so much about. If I could somehow be a professional reader for a living I’d be the happiest girl alive. There’s just not a lot of money in book reviewing so I realize I keep doing this diary thing because this is my favorite part. Writing about books that I’ve read. These entries are the one’s I most enjoy and I don’t care if anyone else does. I just love putting these entries together even if they take me over an hour to do.

I have decided….I am going to read this….
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Grabbed it in the bookstore because I absolutely fell in love with the cover….I still love. It’s about a long distance love affair. Ahhh a love story… :-)
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