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Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2002
Me: you sure you're not angry with me?
Mad: never ever ever
Me: but i was.....
Me: i dunno...
Me: kinda a bitch
Mad: no you were't
Me: ok....just so you're not upset with me
Mad: no way could I be
Me: i'm sitting here wondering how i get addicted to people
Me: why i need anyone
Me: why i can't just be happy without someone feeding me something to be happy about
Mad: caues people are like tato chips
Me: they are?
Me: ok let me ask you something
Me: what would happen to you if I just died
Mad: I would cry and cry and cry.....
Me: and then what?
Mad: cry some more

Sometimes when you go to sleep at night after feeling like the saddest most lost girl in the world, it just feels like everything that someone would cry would cry and cry and cry some more. Makes it hard to give up on life. Just knowing that one thing.

Thanks for being my best friend even when... I would cry about you too. I would wear black forever and say it was angst but it would be because I couldn't ever paint colors again without you. I love you.
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