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Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2002

Some things never change but its different now because I’m not betting my future on anything anymore….its mine to control and drive. Mine all mine….

“Him”: What the hell
PoeticaL: what?
“Him”: where the hell are you
PoeticaL: I'm right here
“Him”: where the fuck is there
PoeticaL: *waves*
PoeticaL: <---------there is here
“Him”: where the fuck is here
PoeticaL: *shrugs*
“Him”: the house or your apt
PoeticaL: I'm at my apartment
“Him”: ok
“Him”: so you got some internet
PoeticaL: last night
PoeticaL: yes
“Him”: when did they hook that up
“Him”: kewl
PoeticaL: 6:30 yesterday....the cable guy
“Him”: road runner
PoeticaL: boy you weren't listening to me last night at all
“Him”: nope
“Him”: i was working
“Him”: and you knew it
“Him”: so plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllh
PoeticaL: *sigh*
“Him”: i might have friday off
PoeticaL: I know
“Him”: but its not certain yet
PoeticaL: construction
PoeticaL: <----was paying attention
“Him”: yeah heat ducts
PoeticaL: yup
PoeticaL: you told me
PoeticaL: <----has it written in her notebook
PoeticaL: lol
“Him”: those construction guys dont know their thumb from their ass and most of the time you can find their thumb up their ass
PoeticaL: ok
“Him”: asshole sheet rockers didnt show up again today
“Him”: Martin says he cant wait to get out of the construction bus.
PoeticaL: wow.....can you type a line that doesn't have a curse word in it?
“Him”: let me fucken seee........hmm fuck no
PoeticaL: <-------covers her eyes
“Him”: why u do that
PoeticaL: ugly words
“Him”: is there some shit in them
PoeticaL: lol
PoeticaL: did you get my email?
“Him”: what email
PoeticaL: lol guess not
PoeticaL: I sent you one
“Him”: i havent checked email
PoeticaL: this afternoon
PoeticaL: I wrote something new.....they're writing a song tonight
PoeticaL: around my something new
PoeticaL: I went to the studio after work and listened to them writing
PoeticaL: it was fucking awesome
“Him”: did you expect an immediate response to your email after you sent it
PoeticaL: nope
PoeticaL: absolutely not
PoeticaL: I don't expect anything where you are concerned
“Him”: you gave them another free song
PoeticaL: nope
“Him”: yes you did
PoeticaL: nope
“Him”: yep
PoeticaL: nope
PoeticaL: <--------got studio time to record her spoken word CD
“Him”: how do you figure you didnt
“Him”: oh a trade off
PoeticaL: yeah and I'm happy about it so save the speech
“Him”: up yours
PoeticaL: lol
PoeticaL: no thanks
“Him”: its still unethical to give a song away
PoeticaL: well it wasn't given away
“Him”: same difference
“Him”: you dont have rights 2 it
PoeticaL: yes I do
“Him”: how do you figure
“Him”: youve been smelling the paint perfumes again
PoeticaL: do you have any idea how many words I can write on any given day?
“Him”: i know you never shut up
PoeticaL: how many of them get me something I want?
PoeticaL: wow......cruel
“Him”: hehe
PoeticaL: I do so shut up
“Him”: never
PoeticaL: yes I do
“Him”: if your life depended on silence youd die
long long pause…..
“Him”: give it up it wont last
“Him”: i know your talking to yourself right now
“Him”: dont hold your breath
PoeticaL: lol you're funny
PoeticaL: I had to go answer the phone....
“Him”: smile for the camera======>(_O_)
PoeticaL: geez
“Him”: im tired im going to bed soon
PoeticaL: *shrugs* ok
PoeticaL: I'll talk to myself
“Him”: kewl
PoeticaL: intelligent conversation that way ( editor’s note… this was a gratuitous insult…intentional on my part….lol)
“Him”: excellent you’re all set then
“Him”: good nite
“Him” signed off at 10:15:54 PM.

*shrugs* whatever! At least I might remember what I said tomorrow. Right? yeah ...right...
10:27 p.m. ::
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