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Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2005
A long long time ago before I found happiness I found a few friends online that somehow changed the path that I was on.

Ive talked about him until I was blew in the face. (and I do mean blew) Him and I are still friends. Hes doing quite well for himself up there in NC. He lives with his gf and has done so for about the last 2 years. His business is doing great and hes blazing thru the medical equipment world like I always knew he would. Either way, hes still my pal. We talk probably once or twice a month and Im grateful that I have a friend somewhere that knows me inside and out and one for whom I know is genuine. In all of my confusion and for the longest time I thought I wanted something more from him and we explored the ideas of it a long long time ago. Nothing good came from those thoughts and now I realize just how lucky I am to have him as a friend. However, I do only speak to him about twice a month and we play catch up and check in with each other. Hes happy in his life, Im very happy in mine.

I made friends with Bryan back in 1998 online. I met him while waiting on a chat program to talk to my now deceased father. The friendship that Bryan and I had certainly kept me from smoking crack on the streets many many times. We currently are on the outs and have been for a little while. He is non-accepting of the fact that I am getting married and thinks that Rick is not the right one. So I have flat out stated that I am happy and that he doesnt understand some things that hes not been around for. But he does call me occasionally and the air between us is still rather odd so who knows what may come of that, but regardless of the outcome the friendship was good for me.

During the same two year time frame that I met both him and Bryan I met someone else. Someone Ive mentioned here only briefly but someone who changed me and my writing profoundly. Someone that I met just as my marriage was toppling from skyscrapers crashing around me. Ill refer to him as Eye to keep him anonymous. I have his name listed in my cell phone as eyemnkogneeto. When I met him his chat nick was Eyamnormal or some such funny thing. Hes an artist, both painting and writing and he writes a great song and plays the drums too. Hes multi-talented for sure. He writes some of the best poetry Ive ever had the pleasure to read. Hes an amazing person who never fails to tell me a great story or have some great insight on the weird world in which we live in. His artwork is amazing and I dare say theres not a thing that I dont love about him. I have talked to him about Rick, about the upcoming marriage and hes never said a disparaging or negative word to me. He might kick my ass but this morning he sent me this funny email..

Ive blogged a blogblog and it blogged all over meye knew rug. what to do.........anyhoo I caught the little bastard and posted it hererererere http://eldertree.blogspot.com/ I will be a posting some crap here amung other things.


Go check out his art. I swear it will blow you away. You will want one. Your eyes will be happy like they just ate some awesome pop rock candy. And you can tell him I sent youand if you want to buy a painting throw a few thousand bucks at himIm sure you can work something out. :-)

I love the Internet for the great people I have met. The friends I have and the way in which they broaden my way of thinking and feeling. And mostly for the way they can make me smile from just one brief email. Eyes got big personality and I love that about him.
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