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Monday, Aug. 19, 2002

me: I really hate “him” for making me be so doubtful about you

me: because you haven't ever done anything but make me smile

t: :-)

t: awww


me: by the way

me: thanks for letting me vent

t: what babe

me: i think i get all weirded out cause i hold too much crap in for too long

t: no problem...do you feel better?

me: yeah I do

me: i owe ya a hug

me: lots of em

me: actually

t: ;-)

me: you're always there for me

me: 7,000 miles and you do better than anyone else I've ever known

t: does that mean I can lick the inside of your mouth?

me: yes


me: know what?

t: whats that babe

me: i see you smile and i don't have anymore answers than I ever have

me: but everything always feels ok then

t: awww


me: did i tell you about this guy i met?

t: nope

me: he clicked yes

me: and i clicked yes back

t: really

t: wow

me: and I waited on the edge of my seat

me: and he came front

me: and everytime I got scared

me: he came right front

me: and maybe i'm crazy

me: but i love him with everything that i am

me: all i wanna do is hug him and hold him and put my hands all over his body

t: sounds like a decent guy

me: everytime i'm upset... he asks me if i want to talk about it

me: and when I say other people have hurt me...he apologizes for it

me: and when i'm scared outta my mind he says its ok

me: so let me ask you something

t: shoot

me: how do you not love a guy like that?

t: *shrugs*

me: how do you not want to hold a guy like that?

t: *shrugs*

me: how do you not want to wrap your legs around him and show him how much you love him?

t: mmmmmm

t: *shrugs*

me: how do you tell him all this stuff and not have the happiest tears rolling down your face?

me: how do you fall in love with someone that you've never met and explain it to anyone?

t: *shrugs*

me: i dont' have any answers and i don't care

t: i love you k

t: good....

me: i love you t

me: if you're forever 7,000 miles away it won't change how I feel

me: now c'mere i wanna molest you and stuff

t: ;-)

me: i'm so sorry for being so lost

me: so confused

me: so everything...things you didn't create

me: im really sorry t

t: <----gives k a flashlight and compass

me: yeahhhhhhhhh a flashlight

me: i can see everythign with that

t: leave the batteries in it

me: of course

t: ;-)


t: I love you k

me: i love you right front t

t: :-)

me: thanks for being patient with me

t: no problem

me: yeah but it means the world to me

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