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it's Friday? already?

Friday, Feb. 24, 2006
I havenít written anything since Wednesday! Since Wednesday. There are times I wonder why I keep up with this when time is so limited and so stretched to get everything else done. I refuse to give it up though I canít even really pinpoint why. I never worry about keeping readers, I mostly think to myself ďgeezÖIím doing this diary thing and Iím failing it.Ē when I donít write now.

Mostly, thereís nothing but work/school/work/school/work/school going on in my life right now anyway. That doesnít make for interesting writing very often. Itís the end of the month and thatís always the busiest time for me work wise so Iím always swamped this time.

Outside of that, I havenít cooked anything this week so thereís been no reason to update the photo/cooking end of things. I did read a few books this week and I did review one of them in my eyetrulyread diary. Somehow I refuse to give up reading for pleasure when I should probably do so to cut myself some slack. But I canít. I simply refuse.

Two nights ago I finished reading ďPossessed MentalitiesĒ by Maxene Obenschain Kleier I stayed up very very late into the morning finishing it. I got caught up in it and I really could not have put it down even if I was told there was a bomb in it. Iíll be working on a review for my review site soon. My book club is currently reading this book along with Memoirs of a Geisha, which I started last night and read 3 chapters of so far.

I found out a few days ago that my immediate supervisor is being transferred to another location. Iíve been feeling rather sad about it because heís been a great boss to work for and with. Heís fun, heís fair, heís knowledgeable. All good things for a boss to be. Weíre getting a new boss and the transition will come down the pike in about 2 months I imagine. Should prove to be interesting. Everything with this company changes very frequently so Iím used to that part of things. But losing a good boss always stinks.

Recently Rick and I have not been able to get on the same page. Itís bothering meÖ..a lot. And thatís all Iím going to say about that topic.

Have a paper due for school on a Sundday and wake up on a Friday having done none of the work for the paper and you will say ...damn it...it's Friday already? too.
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