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Monday, Nov. 25, 2002
Me: are ya there?
Him: yep
Him: afraid so
Me: holy shit
Him: im almost done
Me: OMG go to bed
Him: no
Him: i made a promise to myself
Me: alright well i just wanted to tell you something
Him: this would be done by end of sunday
Me: (top secret business information was exchanged here)
Him: ok
Him: thats ok
Me: wasn't cause i'm mad at ya
Him: you were mad at me?
Me: lol yes
Me: i'm over it now
Me: i slept and it went away
Him: let me finish this its almost done

Time passes while I check my email and drink orange juice.

Him: finished
Him: check out the new site
Me: well I hope you're happy
Him: i dont know why your not
Me: you never know
Him: i need to reboot
Me: which site am I looking at?
Him: signed off at 7:37:49 AM.

Ok so while I sat around being pissed he was working and was oblivious. It just doesn’t pay to get pissed off at him. It’s a waste of my emotional energy.

I don’t know what site either, so now I gotta look at em all! (&#*@(*#&@()*&#)!@

Him signed on at 7:39:36 AM.
Me: it looks great
Him: save it
Me: save what?
Me: it does look great
Him: you see why i had no time to cater to your every need
Me: yes and i told you i'm over it
Him: you think you pm me im supposed to drop everything
Me: yeah i know i'm fucked
Him: i dont think you have a flying fuck of an idea of how much work it took to build this
Me: i told you i was over it, it was stupid, and you don't need to waste your time being mad back

(some more business thrown in here)

Me: ok well i pisssed because i wasn't pm'ing your ass over something about me or my just wanting to chat to you
Me: you asked me for something and I gave it to you and you were a dick about it
Him: no i was not
Him: i told you thank you
Me: no you saidddddd
Me: "I don't have time for a link!"
Him: and then you pm me back and posted some assfuck link
Me: <----was hunting for her whip a finger icon
Me: yeah ...being a dick!
Him: if i wanted to look through links i wouldnt of asked you to find that for me now would of i?
Me: fine I will never post anymore assfuck links ever!
Me: you will never ever get a link to anything from me
Me: ever again
Me: dick!
(time passes)

Me: i'm sorry, i just never do anything right as far as you're concerned
Me: never
Me: you ask for something, i give it, you're still pissy

(time passes)

Him: no im not
Me: maybe i'm all fucked up
Him: you just never commited yourself to a long term project so you cant possibly imagine how much work it takes to do all of this
Me: hmmm....well I am working on a long term project and don't be surprised when you get treated the same way you treat me! i'm gonna be a dick from now on
Me: oh and it's not a project it's a masterpiece!!!!!!!
Him: you think i could of got all this done in one lousey weekend if i was to constantly talk to you and click on links?
Him: When i say im busy, im fucken busy
Me: I have more important things to do right now than discuss this, I have a job and I'm going to work! I told you I was over being pissed. When you're over being a dick let me know. Bye Gee that went well…. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

(time passed)

Him: this was for you...........Dummy
Me: told ya I'm fucked


Now I feel like total shit!! Cause I know what that means. And it goes back to what I said yesterday…

Me: told ya I'm fucked

and then to make it all laughable Josh came and pm’d me right then saying

Josh: every male is trying to get back to the womb . . .
Josh: we never experienced unconditional love like those 9 months . . .
Josh: birth and everything after is tramatic comparitively . . .

Me: you're timing is impeccable

Him: you better go to work
Him: im going to lay down soon
Me: you should
Me: i'm sorry
Him: forget it, youll never learn
Him: i just accept it
Me: i told you i wasn't mad anymore
Me: it was a temporary thing
Him: by the way be pissy at me because im busy is a way to trying to change who i am and what i am doing.
Me: awww man

See what a loser I am? He’s working for me and I’m freaking cause he’s too busy to talk to me? I’m such a bitch. I never think. grrrrr
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