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happy birthday to t

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2002
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 15:18:55 -0700 (PDT)

From: "t"

Subject: Where you been?

To: "Kristy” kristy@email.com


I seem to have been missing you the past couple of days. Just a heads up, I am on night shift now, so I am probably heading off to sleep when you are just getting online at night.

Maybe I can catch you some time.

byes for now.

Love T

t: :-)
me: :-)
t: what you up to?
me: :-)
me: :-)
me: :-)
me: :-)
me: it's teeeeeeeeeeeee
t: that much?
me: yup
me: yup


me: ok...so that's what's happening with me
t: sounds more exciting than what is happening here
me: nah
me: i just sat down the other day and made this list of stuff i want in my life
t: ok
me: and decided to chase it regardless of the obstacles and just do what I can with each day
t: good girl
t: :-)
me: you're name is all over my list of wants
t: I hope that it was there in a good way and...
t: next to the word rope...
t: or
t: go to town...
me: teeheee.....
t: or something like that?
me: t, find out if he really means it
t: means what?
me: everything he says
t: so now my character is in doubt?
t: -(
me: nope
me: just my judgment is
t: whys that?
me: look at all my past mistakes haunting me daily
me: surely i have had bad judgment calls
t: who hasn't?
me: someone told me last night that love only works out when it is convenient
t: whatever
t: :-)


me: so....you still haven't told me
me: how's things?
t: lets see..
t: I am getting sick...
t: I can hardly walk...
t: and I am another year older
me: i missed your birthday????????
t: yep
me: omg
me: now i feel like horrible
t: why you only missed it by 4 hours and 45 minutes
me: omg
me: so close....but no dice
t: I guess technically...it is still my Bday there though
me: :-)
me: its the tenth here
t: it is the 11th here
me: its 8:20 p.m. here
t: its 4:45am here
me: Happy Birthday t
t: :-)
t: ty


me: ya know... i wish i coulda made you a birthday cake and then took handfuls of it into my hands and ….well…
me: i can't even hug you ...
t: it is ok
me: but i know if tomorrow you think about me......and something i said.... i can give you that
me: make sense?
t: yep
t: it does


me: I wish I could sing 'happy birthday to you..." in some little sing song whisper
t: :-)
me: see... i don't know why ....but you.. i just talk to you and i wanna give you everything in the world
me: i don't know where that feeling comes from
me: its like bigger than me
t: maybe it is?
me: and sometimes when i tell you this stuff i scare myself ..i think damn he probably thinks you're total pyscho chic the way you talk
t: nope.. i dont
me: what do you think?
me: when i talk to you like this
t: I think that you are just wonderful...

I just realized that t’s birthday is the same as my late Uncle David’s. Same exact. I don’t know where or why this matters…I just realized it.
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