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Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2002
Last night after work I ran and took care of a “haircut” problem going on out West. *PoeticaL puts her Superwoman outfit back in the shoebox and shoves it in the top of her closet and wipes her hands off on her skirt.*

Then I went to the bookstore to look at that book “Lolita” but I didn’t buy it, I don’t know if I would ever actually sit down and read it now that I saw the movie and know what happens. If you’ve read that book and can tell me if it’s different or worth the read, ….drop me some wordage….spanks!

Last night I swear almost every guy I know called me. Here’s the timetable.

6:30 p.m. OralFixationMan “are you busy Kristy? I’m in your area….and…” (that’s a long story…if you know about it..lucky you…if you don’t….I don’t feel like filling you in)

8:00 p.m. “him” “what are you doin?” (of course I didn’t tell him I was trying to help husband fix our stereo that goes into Demo mode and stops playing every CD after 30 seconds…. FUCK THAT STEREO…by the way!!! I just told him I was busy and would call him back ( I did that cause my minutes are free after 9 p.m.)

9:10 p.m. James…not James from NC, the cute guy from N.C…. oh no…this was James the stalker man. And pathetic me, I talked to him in hopes of stopping myself from calling “him” back. And then James’ cell phone battery went dead after 5 minutes of him asking me where I was and how he couldn’t find me and why hadn’t I ever returned his calls…..thank you battery gods!

9:15 p.m. I called “him” back and he said “I thought you meant “right back” not ten years later!” Then I just told him I was considering moving back in with husband. I swear if I didn’t know better, he was totally pleading and begging me not to do that. His list of reasons included:

1. “he was just fucking the neighbor for Christ’s sake!”
2. “he lies to you Kristy!”
3. “he gets fired from every job he ever has!”
4. “he’ll just tell you what to do all the time!”
5. “he’ll want to have sex with you..so be ready!”
6. “Why? Why? Why do you think you want a man that treats you like total shit?”

I was laying on the wooden swing in the backyard swaying back and forth watching the stars thinking there had to be a poem in all of it.

By 10 p.m. he had me crying. I don’t know if it was his insistence on telling me the dirty laundry list that cuts into all my old marital scars or just the fact that I moved out. I made myself free…and he didn’t give a fuck, nor did he make any attempts like he always promised he would and here he was calling me again. I just talked to him the day before…what the fuck???

And then he said something that I’ll never forget.

“I feel responsible for your being so unhappy.”

The real fuck of it all is….for some reason I believe that

he is!
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