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Friday, Oct. 01, 2004
As some of you already know (Sandy and Meredith) I planned on asking R to marry me. The entire time I’ve known him he jokingly has told me that if I ever wanted to get married I’d have to propose to him. He never said why, it was just something he always said. So…I decided to just go after what I truly knew in my heart I wanted. I want him in my life, I love him, he’s done more for me than any other person I've ever known. To explain it all would be impossible and so I won’t. We have had some really rough things happen to us as a couple, and yet the love is still there just as strong. He has done many things in the last 3 months that make me exceedingly proud of who he is and who he is becoming. I myself have also become a better person because of our struggles. Where I am now as a person has much to do with his love for me, his support and our mutual understanding of each other.

I bought a ring. I planned a proposal whereby I was going to write “Will you marry me?” in permanent magic marker on my hip. I have long teased him about getting his name tattooed on my body. I was going to tell him I got his name tattooed on my hip then show him my message. I was planning to do this on Friday night.

However yesterday he called asking to see me so after work last night I drove over to his brother’s house to see him, ring on my thumb…and….he looked so tired, so sweet, he kissed me and I could taste the candy I sent him on his lips…so…I asked. He stood there for a few minutes saying nothing. He said we were just now doing better, that things would get better. I told him I knew what I wanted, I knew how I felt and I just wanted him to know. He was “answerless”. I started to cry, I said “I just want you to know I love you this much.” He hugged me, told me “I didn’t say no”. I left him with the ring last night saying it was his no matter what, that I wanted him to have it because I didn’t have the heart to take it back. I said “I will not ask again, I can’t let myself do that.” He hugged me asked me not to be hurting, said he was surprised, a lot of things were mumbled but the entire time he hugged me, rubbed my back…kissed me.

So, I skipped the tattoo idea, I just bawled my eyes out and asked.

He called me this morning saying in an exuberant little boy excited voice “yes Kristy yes…I thought about it all night last night and yes….yes I love you and I want to marry you too!”

Tonight we’re going out to celebrate! I’m head over heels happy and I have never ever felt so loved. I wonder if he knows that I have never ever put myself out there with my heart hanging on my sleeve wide open like that before in my entire life. Sometimes it’s all you can do….sometimes love prevails. Sometimes you need to let go and sometimes you need to hang on. I always hung on. I'm so happy right now that I did.

He wants to have a big wedding.. I can't wait to tell my son...my future nephew....my future sister-in-law!

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