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Yes here I am hiding from "him". Fucking ridiculas. I told him and I had decided to just end my diary days. But then again...who is "he" to tell me what to do. And why should I be listening to him or anyone right now in my life.

It just seemed simplier to just migrate and save myself the hell. Besides....grrrr.

I know its childish on my part to not stand up to him, but he has this way. I know he means well. I know he wants to see me get my life straight. I know this, but the ways in which he goes about it all sometimes just suck.

But I am all moved over and I'm sure I'll lose readers, but oh well. What can I do but to just go and dissapear? Nothing.

I'm the same person, same diary...just a little ticked off about this and saddened that I love him so much that I am letting him do this to me.

But it was just enough is enough, I have to express. I'm not whining here like he always thought I was. I am being myself, finding myself. Exploring myself. Fuck....I should be freely allowed. But the fact is when you love someone you don't feel free. And this is a strange situation that I'm in with him. Its not like anything else I have ever experienced.


Every breath you take, every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take
I'll be watching you
Every single day, every word you say
Every game you play, every night you stay
I'll be watching you
-The Police
3:20 p.m. ::
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