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holiday bliss (poem)

Monday, Dec. 02, 2002
Welcome to December. Welcome to Monday. *bleechkk* Man this week is going to be so long.

“He” asked me what I wanted for Christmas, this was what I said…

Sex and the City on DVD, the new Sex and the City book, anything on my amazon wishlist, a Paul Westerberg poster, any book written and signed by Chuck Palahniuk, a subscription to BOOK magazine, a starbucks apron (don’t ask), Alan Jackson’s new Christmas CD, some more perfume (my backpack doesn’t smell good anymore), and I want my laptop back. That’s not a lot of stuff is it?

But this morning in the shower I thought about this question again. What do I really want for Christmas?

I really want…

Warm cookies on red plates
Smiling blue eyes
Ripping open toys wrapped
And no more pretty paper lies

I really want….

Twinkling lights like
Stars encircling the
Night sky holding me
Closer to every one that’s too far

I really want….

Happy jingle bells ringing
In my silent night
Whispering against secrets
That bring forth brightly
Packaged joys

I really want…

Successes without measure
Frankincense and mir
Mysteries beyond measure
Hands cold dancing throughout
Branches of blue fir

I really want…

Egg nog with whipped cream
Hot apple cider aroma’s
Floating through the air
Angel wings and sugar
Plum dreams
Dancing through my hair

I really want…

Perfect hair smiles
Surprised with warmth
Dreams and answers
To lifelong questions
And wonders
And chances towards
Futures of growth

But…I really just want this…

Just one
God give me just one
Moment of holiday bliss

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