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Monday, Mar. 07, 2005
This weekend was….great. Yes it was great. I moved all of my belongings from 48 to 41 and it was upstairs to downstairs and down and up and up and down and yes I did not do the majority of the work and all of the up and down had nothing to do with making love. The man did all of the work. And for that he’s amazing. Kristyk has this amazing blog (link to the right). Because of some of my comments (I believe…but cannot be sure of course) she started a page called “I like Mike” to contain all of the reasons she likes Mike, who is her likable husband of course.

Over the weekend I was thinking about all of the reasons I want to get married again. I was going over, back and forth, the reasons that I am so happy lately. Yes, life is hectic and it was hellishly hectic working two jobs and that aspect has gotten better since I quit my part time job. However, there are reasons that I “pick Rick”. So I decided to start a “I pick Rick..because” page of my own. (it’s on the previous entry)

Last night my ex came to pick up my son, who was amazing all weekend to be with….and in one split second I looked at my past (my ex) my present (as in gift/my son), and my future (Rick) and I felt so blessed to not be where I was and yet still have what was amazing about the past and have a great future to look forward to. I tried on my wedding dress this weekend for my son to see. He just sat and stared at me until I said, “what do you think?” He said, “I think you look happy.”

He’s right. I am happy.
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