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“I got no family, Coach"

Thursday, Jan. 04, 2007
You need to read Shane’s Story

A few weeks ago (prior to Christmas) I spotted this story in our local tbt (tampa bay times) flyer. I read it and cried. I passed it on to a few other people in my office, including my friend Chadley. I gave a copy of it to my son for Christmas. Yes for Christmas….to my son who has a family…4 parents in fact.

My point is…it’s a reminder to be happy about what we do have. Without knowing it, this story taught me how to let go of my dream for a new baby and realize how lucky I am to have all the family that I do have.

Today my coworker Chadley brought in a follow up article that tells us that Shane got his Xbox and he got a skateboard. These items were donated to him for Christmas. But Shane…to date….still has not been adopted. I hope his true wishes come true this year. Thank you Shane for what you’ve taught me this season.

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