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Thursday, Oct. 24, 2002
Last night it caught up with me. I was running so fast. But the beast grabbed my ankles causing me to fall face first into the hot concrete of late evening. I brush burned my features against my pillow for 12 hours last night.

I woke up and got an update. Things are still good. Things are still happening. Things are still moving forward. It’s hard to imagine where I might just be in a few skant months.

This weekend – shop for an apartment. I want a Jacuzzi, a dishwasher, a bedroom for Bucky and lots of windows and sunlight.

Next weekend – move.

Short term is always less interesting than the long term goals. Short term – make it to work on time today, they’re starting to notice my lack of interest. Short term – make things happen step by step, worry about the “now” things rather than the “what if” things that make me stall.

Long term – become that girl I once was before I became the girl battered and broken by that lie.


Some things are lost some left behind
Some things are better left for someone else to find
Maybe in time I can finally see
I just wonder, wonder if you think about me
-Uncle Kracker
7:50 a.m. ::
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