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Sony E-Book reader...in my hands!

Wednesday, Nov. 01, 2006

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I am a lucky girl. I have said this repeatedly since January of 2003 when I first told you about him…or at least this is the post I always remember. I remember how I felt that night. I remember it easily because I don’t have to rely on memory to bring those feelings to the surface. They are there all the time.

I have been talking about a certain item for 2 years now. The product was released for purchase online but then quickly was backordered and I assumed that since its Christmas it’s going to be insane trying to find this product. And the product is not cheap either.

But I have been excited about it for years. I have over talked the product to death with my friend Bryan who has with me watched its inception and the ongoing discussion about it since. I talked about it here and even wrote to Sony and got a response and a phone call….here.

After all of this hubbub…the item finally came out and I saw it for the first time with my son on Sunday night. I was so excited to actually see the product I almost ruined my panties, my panties and my socks!! My son even took a picture of it so I could show and tell Rick all about it when I got home. I was like a little kid in a candy shop. It’s like the frickin’ Ipod of reading.

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Yes I spent over 2 years talking and dreaming and thinking about this but it took my husband exactly 2 days to get one for me. Only 2 days. Now that’s some love. He’s the best and I am surely spoiled. This is an early Christmas gift and I am just as I have been since the day I sat in his bedroom writing to you years ago….one very lucky girl.

This e-book reader works exactly like an Ipod and you can order your books from

You can also read a great online article about it here. For the record Daniel Albohn of Sony Electronics is the nicest guy ever. Ever! Ok so not as nice as my husband who bought it immediately and promptly and smiled while doing so. I love you Rick…you truly get me…and you do the biggest and most important thing in my life…you make me happy.

p.s. the reader lets you store and view photos (the display is black and white but multilayered gray and quite nice) and listen to mp3’s through earphones. But as a true reader….who cares? ;-)

My friend Bryan is highly jealous and sending me text msg's left and right asking me questions about the prodcut. Here is all you need to know... "I love it...if I could have sex with it...I would....I love it that much!!" <--text msg sent to Bryan two seconds ago when asked for my opinion.

Since I just got mine last night I was playing with it and haven't snapped any photo's of it yet....too busy having fun!

You want to see the ebook reader really up close etc….check this video clip out on pc mag

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