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Friday, Sept. 27, 2002
Husband’s called me 4 times today to “check in” on me and see if I’m “ok”. I suppose that maybe when you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness your nice side comes out due to fear and trepidation. I don’t know…

I’ve talked to a few friends about things that are happening in my life and I am surprised by the reactions that I have gotten. There has yet to be a person that has reacted badly. Even though I have been completely upfront about everything and it is all scary stuff.

I talked to Delboy, Unger and both of my bosses and I even called my mothers sister, my Aunt Kathy in PA and every person I have spoken to has been wonderful towards me. Wished me well and offered anything they could do, just ask…

I am surprised. Most people were blown away and lost in shock.

I suppose in the face of adversity and seriousness, the best of what a person is…comes to the forefront.

If you woke up today and could walk freely out of your house to go to work, if you can go jump in the ocean tonight to swim without pain, if you can simply bend over and pick something up off of the floor without concentrating, please count yourself lucky. Whatever is going on in your life is not like as bad as what husband is enduring at the present moment. And there are no upswings to look forward to. Best case scenario he will overcome this current bout with this disease.

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