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Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002
Check out my horoscope todayÖ.

"Greetings Taurus, Your horoscope for the 26th of November:
It's time to change your home, or perhaps consider making bold renovations today. The Moon in bold Leo opposes Uranus so perhaps you may want to work at home, or focus on scientific breakthroughs. This is an excellent time to pay attention to the Internet and perhaps consider an alternative form of making money."

May want to work at home?
Focus on scientific breakthroughs?
Pay attention to the Internet and perhaps an alternative form of making money?

Freaky. A lot of times I read my horoscope and it means nothing to me. Then there is that 50% of the time when I do a double take and think, ďnow is this just coincidence or what?Ē I am torn on my beliefs when it comes to the stars. But boy was this one freaky.

Lately Iíve been overworked, tired, and just want to get on one of those log rides at an amusement park and get all wet for the hell of it. I want to walk around on some hot pavement and just sweat. Sweat pouring down my back, that kind of hot. The last time I did that was when my bud Carla was here.

I think maybe Iím going to take Bucky to Adventure Island for Christmas. I want to see Suessville all decked out for the holidays. Fun. Besides, I have some extra cash and the bills are paid. Nice way to spend the weekend. Iím sure they have the Christmas stuff happening already. Iíll have to go it alone though, cause thereís no way his dad can walk through a park. Just no physical way.

Last night I hit Walmart with a vengeance. I bought BraN an American flag. Ever since I saw that giant flag he had hanging in his new flat I knew he needed an American flag from his bestest American pal. I also got him some Hersheyís hugs, canít get them in England. Also sent his sister some tic tacís. Canít get those there either. Strange. So I sent some of those too. One time I sent him this huge huge package of nothing but all sorts of American candies that they canít get there. He thought it was great. But for his Hanukkah, heís getting a flag from the PPOA. ;-)

Over the weekend I bought a couple of books. I even bought ďInfinite JestĒ. I debated and debated and ya know what, so what if itís a huge huge book, I can do it. I can read it if I put my mind to it. Right? Yeah right! I bought brand new books too! That was great. I filled my car up with gas and I have all my food for Thanksgiving sitting in the fridge already. AhhhÖnice. Itís nice to have some cash in my pocket. I picked up Buckyís layaway full of winter clothes too. Now heís got 2 jackets, one winter coat, 5 new pairs of jeans, 4 long sleeve shirts, and brand new Joe Boxer socks and I even got him some boxers. *sigh* course heíll never wear em cause yeah he just wonít. :-(

Iím still jamminí to Rob Thomas but I gotta say I have that song ďTake me as I amĒ by Tonic stuck in my head. Big time. I canít stop singing it. I didnít go the Creed show last night because I hate Creed, and the opening act changed, and so I didnít want to watch Blue Joules play for a half hour in the cold and so I skipped it. Besides, I was tired and had to buy a flag.

I definitely have the ďI donít want to be at work anymore this weekĒ blues. I am done. Spent. I am tired. I am existing on coffee the last few days.

I found a copy of Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen yesterday during lunch and I debated as to whether I should try it. I wasnít sure. So I asked the most intellectual guy I know what he knew about it. I got this backÖ ď"give me . . . leonard . . . cohen afterworld . . . so i . . . can sigh . . . eternally" - Kurt Cobain
I went after work and bought it. ;-)

Since heíll never read this far, Iím going to talk about him. Bwah ha haÖshhhh donít tell. I sent him a Thanksgiving Day card today. Itíll probably be late, *shrugs*. Lately Iíve been a major biotch towards him its unreal. And heís pretty decent about it. Iím just so exhausted and heís right I think too damn much. Things are not all that horrid right now. Things are looking up and going better. But damn if Iím not still sometimes a major biotch. Iím cranky and just donít know what I want to do with myself sometimes. Ever get like that, where you feel restless inside your own skin? Yeah, thatís me. Iím shifting around my life looking for a place to be content and itís just nowhere. And so Iím agitated and I usually lash out at him because I really donít talk openly to anyone else. Poor guy.

When I asked BraN which color tic tacs to be sure...this is what I got in reply. Teehee...think he has a thing for American candy or what?

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red tic tacs my sis likes em...and BIG RED chewing gum !!! .. and I love hugs and kisses !!! and the white chocolate kind too ;-)

I'm smiling...thatís so damn cute

Ok, so back to work..hmmÖ yeah Iím so ready for 4 days off. I need it so bad.

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