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i wish i could hug you right now

Monday, Sept. 09, 2002
I was busy this morning, distracted due to the fact that I had to leave work and go get my son who was sick. And then I don’t know, my buddy updater didn’t say he updated when I was reading. He doesn’t update everyday. And now I just read his diary and I’m crying and I can’t reach him until tomorrow and I feel like the world’s shittiest friend. I’ve been “too busy” … “too caught up” in my day today….or something…somehow I missed my opportunity to be there for him…

And now I’m struggling for answers, for words, for something…anything that I can do to help you. All I can do is all I have ever been able to do… I am here. I will always be here. It is the only thing you have ever done for me and it has meant everything to me. I read your entries a few minutes ago and you are not upset alone. You are not alone. I am right here.

Tonight I will chant to the silent air around me, tonight I will pray for you... my best friend.
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