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Joyce Maynard

Thursday, Feb. 05, 2004
Tomorrow will end the first two weeks of my employment and here are the things that have happened at my new job.

1. lots of learning
2. lots of work (i've worked...actually WORKED at this job already more than I ever did at the last 3 and it feels good)
3. a meeting (scheduled once a week) I will lovingly refer to the "not millertime" hereafter because this was the most amazing meeting i've ever been "a part of" whereby my boss said "this is to ask you if you are experiencing a high level of job satisfaction" and he said it with a grin and laugher

Onto the fun stuff....
Exactly two years ago I read this

I recall very well that I read it during the first few weeks after having moved out and into my own apartment. I loved that book immensely. I had bought it at a used bookstore.

About a week ago I bought this book....

I wish it hadn't ended. It was great. USA Today refers to Judy Blume on the front cover of this book and being a long time fan of hers I bought it for that reason. After finishing this book last night I checked with amazon to see if Ms. Maynard had written anything else and damn if it didn't make perfect sense that she also wrote "Where Love Goes" because both of these books are written with an easy to read style and very much on the theme of real life narrative. Read 'em!


p.s. Ms. Maynard...you rule every notebook!
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