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a kewl weekend spent with "him"

Monday, Feb. 11, 2002
Today I finally feel like a human “bean” again. Whew. I was starting to wonder if it was possible anymore. But it is and I am. tra la la…

I had a great weekend. Now for my reasons for having a great weekend:

1. I slept like a baby every time I tried to lie down and sleep. (Aaaahhhh sweet sleep)
2. I finished taking my medicine this morning.
3. I spent about 7 hours total curled up on my bed talking to “him” Friday night.
4. “He” got his guitar out and played it for me for too many hours to count Saturday night.
5. 2 ½ hours talking to “him” on my cell phone yesterday while shopping.
6. I’m a happier person when I spend my free time with “him”.
7. I managed to go to the bookstore and only buy one book. And I read half of it that day!
8. Outside of allowing myself to drink orange juice because I’m sick, I stayed “on” my diet despite being sick!
9. I got the air in my tires filled….long overlooked chore.
10. I bought myself a new Mossimo T and some blueberry hand lotion and a funky nail file.

All in all I just had a nice time. I know its because he broke down and told me how he felt about me and it makes me feel calm and peaceful inside.

Yesterday he was asking me how many guys I have waiting in the wings. I said “none.” I don’t think he believes me. He was questioning me about my friend BraN in England. BraN’s just a friend. But “he” was full of questions. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has moments of insecurity. For the first time ever I flat out told him “outside of Bucky you are the person I care for the most in this world and you have nothing to worry about.”

Today I finally wore an outfit that I bought 2 weeks ago. Last week being sick I didn’t feel like dressing up. I was wearing old jeans and jersey shirts all week trying to stay warm and comfortable. With my recent weight loss I feel pretty….oh so pretty… yeah I feel like breaking out in song and dance.

If you’re a longtime reader then you’ll remember glenn5 from my previous diary in one famous entry. He keeps contacting me now. Net stalking much? I don’t know. He’s one of those guys that meets me and disses me and then months and months later he can’t forget me. I can tell that if he keeps it up then I’m gonna wig out and tell him to fuck off. I’ve been decent lately cause I’m just not concerned about it. But soon….I swear I’m going to freak out on him. I wish I had his phone number so that I could call her up and get his ass into trouble. Then he might leave me alone. Then he might not think it was all so funny to fuck with me. Ok…I feel better now that I finally said that. “He” asked me about “Mr Rhode Island” as he put it. It’s hilarious to me that a man like “him” would even think to worry about a loser like Glenn. Incidentally I’m still waiting for the day Glenn pm’s me to tell me his not so lovely daughter is pregnant, but that’s an entirely different story so I’m shutting up now.


Stars look down and laugh at me
I ought to take a bow
Don't have to tell them life's hard sometimes
There's one falling now
Nobody's here beside me
I can talk about it to
All the ways I want you
-Bruce Cockburn

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