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2 thousand dollars to custom frame vacation pictures, but you don't have 20 for a safety helmet? loser!!

Thursday, Sept. 01, 2005

I think all I have to do is post this conversation and leave it at that.I donít think I need to explain how this makes me feel.

From: keith
To: PoeticaL GirL
Subject: RE: sorry
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 05:29:08 -0700 (PDT)

well i get up to the alarm clock and then i get up and walk to school
i could ride my bike but i lost my helmet and i cant get another one
i get up at 9 and get ready for school today he was here for lke 10 mins .
but then he left and im here talking to you
love keith

PoeticaL GirL wrote:

Why can't you get another helmet? Dad won't buy you one? I talked to Daddy
this morning and asked him about whether you walk to school or ride a bus or
whatever. He didn't tell me that you don't have a helmet.

My sonís response:

yeah i cant i told him a bunch of ties but he ignored me ...

sooo im sure that he s not buyin me one

my last reply: What kind of helmet do you want?

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