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Sunday, Sept. 25, 2005
Itís 2 a.m. and again a weekend comes and I have all intentions of getting caught up with school and again Iím lagging behind. Kid is with me. We went out to dinner and to the bookstore tonight. While I read through a few magazines, he helped a few of the Borderís workers put away all the stray magazines. When I went looking for him he was happily straightening the shelves and helping the workers with their task. I found it to be so much like him to pitch in and help like that, even with and for strangers! I decided to go and browse through the music section since he was otherwise engaged. About 15 minutes later he came and found me and told me that the manager, who it turns out he was helping, gave him a bag of candies as payment. He stated, ďI didnít help because I expected anything, people always do that though, when I went to the barber shop with Dad and I straightened the magazines for them the barber gave me fifty cents so I could get some bubble gum out of the machine.Ē

And my heart bursts with pride.
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