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Thursday, Apr. 04, 2002
Husband used to work for B.F.S. He worked there for about 3 ½ years. He’s a truss engineer. He designs and engineers roof trusses. He never went to school for this trade. He took a job about 5 years ago in PA working for a truss plant. He was pounding trusses together with a hammer all day when the truss engineer quit one day. They asked him to come into the office and take over and be trained because while making $6/hr he never missed work and when they laid him off once when times were slow he opted to go in and ask his boss for 3 days worth of work so that he could collect unemployment because as he put it “Otherwise I’ll be forced to look for another job and I don’t want to ever leave here.” (the leaving part being a total lie) But hey they liked him because he worked hard and never missed work.

He worked there for @&(#&*@( Trusses for 9 months, only 6 of which he was designing trusses. But he’s smart and he learns fast. He then got a letter in the mail one day from a scout that was looking for engineers. He called the guy up and gave him a resume on which he lied about his time on the job telling the guy that he worked there for 2 years (instead of 9 or 6 months) and they began to send his resume out all over the country. He went on 4 interviews. One of which was for B.F.S. He got offered the job, and we packed up and moved away from PA and to the south.

At first things were ok at B.F.S. Then his boss Mark couldn’t understand why husband needed time off to watch a sick kid. Or take a kid to the doctors…etc. Mark had no children and couldn’t understand much of much about emergency’s etc. One of the problems was that we are in another state…there is no family support. My husband and I have always done everything on our own. No one’s ever babysat my son. Or made us dinner on Sunday’s etc. We’ve been in it on our own always. So if Bucky was sick or something was wrong with a car or something…we had to deal with it all on our own. Mark never understood this I think because Mark had no children. He would call me up at work and double check my husband’s reasons for not being at work. When I said “Bucky is sick” he’d say “why didn’t you stay home then?” I used to get so mad because husband and I have always alternated who was staying home so that we both took our turn.

Fast forward 2 years…. Husband got fired from B.F.S. in October of 2000. (because Christmas jumped a plane and came to see him and he decided to bail out on real life and didn’t go to work for 3 days and Mark looked at it as his opportunity to ax him…I think he was justified in one way and just looking for a reason in another….*sigh*)

He’s worked a handful of shitty jobs since all while I kept encouraging him to get back into the industry. Because as a truss engineer he makes bank (yes…money reasons…c’mon we have a kid to feed and life is just plain expensive and besides I love books! Teehee…) and because I’ve always had a certain pride thing about saying “My husband is a truss engineer.” It certainly sounds better than “he’s working in a telemarketer room.” Or worse yet, “I can’t remember where he’s working right now, yesterday it was….today…hmm….let me think…”

Well…about 6 months ago he got back into the industry. He’s working for (&# Lumber. And making more money than when he worked at B.F.S. for Mark. Well…(&# Lumber told him that they’d give him a bonus if he scouted and got another truss engineer for them. In that industry….lets face it few people decide to grow up and be truss engineers so they’re hard to come by. Well husband called up his friend Chris who works for Mark at B.F.S. and well……to make a long story short…Chris started at (&# Lumber this past Monday. I talked to Chris today and apparently Chris was very forthright with Mark and told him he was leaving because “you’re a dickhead Mark”. That’s the best.

Incidentally Chris told me that Mark is rarely ever at work now because he and his wife adopted two young children.

Fuck you Mark!

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