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Wednesday, Jul. 31, 2002
“t” is not number 10.

Lemme see…
There was Tim, James, “him”, and now there is “t”.

I didn’t fall for Tim. I wanted to meet him and know him.
James is still a friend of mine. He’s doing well thanks.
“Him” and I no longer..well…um…yeah…I have decided not to ever speak of him again and this will be the last time.

Oh and I’m sure you are incorrectly including Mad. Mad and I are best friends and will be that forever, regardless of who comes and goes in my life.

As for love….“t” would be number 2. But I’m not “in love” with him.

I wasn’t “in” love with “him” either. Being “in love” happens “in real life!”

Did I care…yup…do I still….hmm…perhaps.

And yup I talked to tons of other people along the way. The Internet has 9.9 million people. Oh man…you just spoke to me in my guestbook, I’m speaking back. You must be number 11. I love you Loki!!! Marry me…..

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