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Sunday, Sept. 25, 2005
My son and I see a lot of movies together. Sometimes we agree upon what we will see, mostly I choose. But sometimes I even let him choose. Either way, we see a lot of good ones and a few flops. Sometimes I see them all by myself too.

We have decided to save our movie tickets and make two wreathes out of them. One for him and one for me. He came up with the great idea of using the word “Together” along the top of the wreathes. I decided to keep a movie page here to document what we see and when.

Elizabethtown (10-23-05)

I loved it! Loved it!

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I especially loved all the scenes where the main characters spoke via the telephone because they were dead on accurate…if you’ve ever done this….this is how it is…usually things happen in movies that do not happen in real life. This movie was very real. I really liked it. The soundtrack…was awesome.

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Flightplan (10-22-05)

I saw Flightplan yesterday by myself. I did NOT like it. I did however like Jodie Fosters hair. Very nice. However she has wrinkles they clearly airbrushed out of this photo.

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In Her Shoes (date unknown)

I loved it. I especially loved this scene where the main character triumphed over the steps….getting in shape. :-) I saw this movie alone too. I completely love this movie and when it comes out I’m going to buy a copy. I rarely buy movies.

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An Unfinished Life (9-25-05)

This was an okay movie. Nothing great...nothing too sucky...nothing quite memorable tho' and that's never good.
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Just Like Heaven (9-18-05)

We both liked this movie, however it is rather "bubble gum" and predictable. It was an entertaining romp however and the main characters apartment rocked.

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