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Sunday, Nov. 24, 2002
Kwisty2k: i remember when i was a kid and watched the brady bunch
Kwisty2k: they always were reading when they were in bed
Kwisty2k: carol and mike
Kwisty2k: i wanted to be someone's carol
Madman: I never watched the Brady Bunch...
Kwisty2k: never?
Kwisty2k: as in never??
Madman: That show just always rubbed me the wrong way...
Kwisty2k: wow
Kwisty2k: that settles it...your'e a freak i can't talk to you anymore
Kwisty2k: lol
Madman: LoL
Madman: Sheesh...
Madman: S'okay...I bet you didn't watch Farscape when it was on...
Kwisty2k: don't know what Farscape is
Kwisty2k: lol
Madman: ::grins:: See?...
Kwisty2k: ok ok
Kwisty2k: but i did watch family affair and i desperately wanted a mrs. beasley doll
Madman: ::chuckles::
Kwisty2k: to me she would fix every one of my dysfunctional family problems
Kwisty2k: that one doll would make it all better
Madman: I never watched Family Affair either...
Madman: I don’t' even remember that one being on when I was growing up...
Kwisty2k: one day when i was about 24 i saw a mrs beasley doll for sale she was $200
Kwisty2k: thankfully i knew she wouldn’t fix shit for shit and I kept my cash
Kwisty2k: http://www.tvtoys.com/library/beasley/
Madman: I think my sister had a Mrs. Beasley doll once upon a life...
Kwisty2k: ahahaha
Kwisty2k: lucky girl she was
Kwisty2k: i never had anything i wanted
Kwisty2k: i'm a strange girl eh?
Madman: Not at all...
Kwisty2k: OMG I found a bobbing head mrs beasley doll
Madman: ::chuckles:: A Mrs. Beasly Bobble Head...
Kwisty2k: there she is
Kwisty2k: $29.95
Kwisty2k: ashton drake no less
Kwisty2k: haa
Madman: Is that good?
Kwisty2k: its just funny
Kwisty2k: i found a site where you can listen to mrs beasely
Kwisty2k: ha
Kwisty2k: the internet is so weird
Kwisty2k: instant gratification
Madman: Yep...
Madman: True...
Kwisty2k: OMG you gotta listen to this
Kwisty2k: http://www.kebeck.com/beasley.wav
Madman: Heh...that's pretty cool...
Kwisty2k: she sounds like a psycho doll
Madman: Yep...like Chuckie...heh...
Kwisty2k: yeah but..
Kwisty2k: I still want this one
Kwisty2k: or this one

I think I seriously felt deprived as a child, snoopy suitcases, and now this...*shrugs* Surely I wasn't the only little girl that wanted one of these dolls.
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