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Friday, Sept. 20, 2002
Last year when I stumbled into diaryland I noticed that mr thunderstorm was writing a novel. I paid close attention to everything he had to say about the experience and I vowed to do it the next year. And look, an entire year has passed already. And now the decision has come up again. I have decided to do the nano novel thing in November. It will be a Nano November for me.

2 years ago in November I was pacing the floors wanting to die. I’ve made it. I feel powerful and strong and as a person individually the past year of keeping this diary has taught me a lot. Mostly as a writer, I am bored by this diary. I am seeking more.

I met someone last week through my blog who is a screenwriter. He’s my age and has written 3 full length screenplays and countless other short stories. Then I think about all of the times that Josh told me that keeping a journal doesn’t make you a writer. I was writing before I had a computer! But now… I know that I need to do this. I know that 50,000 words in 30 days will be no awesome novel. But c’mon it will be an awesome achievement. Considering that over 50% that set out to do this don’t make it, I think I will be pleased if I just finish. And besides, then I can get my first crap book out of my system and hopefully learn from the writing process and move on and do what I know I want to do. Overcome the fear so to speak.

Besides I spend too much time mindlessly chatting and achieving nothing but heartache. What a waste.

I wanted to tell someone about my decision to write a novel. I started to tell “him” over aim and he decided that we should talk. He said, “we won’t talk about me”. And then he spent over an hour of my coveted SprintPCS time talking about “HIM!” I dunno…he says he doesn’t have the link to my diary anymore and I’m about to test that theory. Hey ….it sucks when you act like your life is stressful when you don’t dig in your couch for gas money or worry about your spare tire going flat before pay day all the while eating macaroni and cheese and tomato soup because you had to get a new alternator in your pussy car. Quit being a dick! Stress comes in perfect lives, but please don’t talk to me about your perfect life stress. There now I’ll know fast if he reads this. ;-)

I’m thinking that I’m going to write about a guy that eats onions and has perfect hair and runs a Frisbee company. He gets rich selling 50 cent frisbee’s and then he marrys Ron Popeil’s ex-wife and they eat rotisserie chicken every weekend until an Anthony Robbins-esque freak moves in next door and she sees the error of her ways and develops an allergy to chicken and Ron leaves her for the human inside of the Barney suit and she sucks the robbinesque dick to forget her pain. Argh….who would read that shit?

I want to ask Mad to write a novel along with me. But he’s a little tied up with some shit right now. I haven’t forgotten and it’s bothering me in this silent sort of sneaky way… I hate to see my friends go through shit…

Ok Friday’s a suckass slow day on diaryland so I’m done talking to no one…


Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
I guess that’s why I’m broke and your so paid
-Notorious B.I.G. (I think…*shrugs*)
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