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Sunday, Apr. 28, 2002
Someone in Seattle thinks I’m boring and I am so fucking thrilled by this comment you can’t even imagine. I mean….my life has been one hell hole of an event after another for the last 3 ½ years and so now BORING is just what the doctor ordered. Ahhhh…I’m so happy I’m boring.

Today was an absolutely perfect day in my life. Husband, “Bucky” and I went to the beach. There’s nothing like laying half naked baking in the beautiful sunshine reading a great book while drinking a cold wine cooler watching your child frolic in the white sands. Seeing the blue skies envelope you like a giant warm blanket. Listening to the be-bop of tunes of all natures and likes mixing into the air to fill your ears. There’s nothing like a day like that. Driving home with the t-tops off and watching the brilliant colors of life swim around you. It was awesome and I needed it badly.

Wednesday is our 11th wedding anniversary. We’re ditching out of work on Tuesday and going to an amusement park without “Bucky” who will be safely tucked in at school, and we’re gonna ride the roller coasters, get wet on the water rides and generally behave like children and laugh and just have some much needed childlike time. I can’t wait. 11 years!!! Unreal. Especially after the last few…who woulda thought we’da made it this far.

I am bronzed from the sun and can still smell the coconut on my skin from my tanning oil. I can hear the slight sounds of Nickelodeon coming in from the sunroom and I feel happy and alive and blessed right now to be right where I am enjoying my life again. Husband just ran out to get some Chinese and then we’re gonna snuggle on the couch and watch a movie and this is where I want to be. This is my life and it’s really not so bad.

Now if I could just get past the waves of depression that engulf me for unexplainable reasons. But I refuse to jump on the drugtrain and call myself cured like most of the people on diaryland do. Pop a pill and make believe…. Just like the lyrics of my song.. *sigh* I refuse to go that way. Absolutely refuse. And besides..I’m not convinced that it works. I don’t see anyone popping pretty colored happiness. Not happiness that is real.

Its these moments when I feel alive and happy and content that I have to take memory pictures of so I can play back a filmstrip on my emotionally rainy days.

Yeah I’m boring…and I’m cheering about it. Because boring is enormously happy to me. I remember a few years back some neighbors (NOT THE CLEVERS!!!) told us that we were boring neighbors. That our lives were so typically suburban and normal. I crave that boringness again. I want it.

The sun is streaming down into my keyboard and my tan fingers are dancing over the keys with a perfect rhythm and I see the value in the smallest things. Boring… mmmmmm perfection. It must be raining in Seattle today.


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