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wild horses of opportunity

Tuesday, Jan. 01, 2002
she said….
it's amazing.... you and i dream of blissful by the sea and now there's a space right there to show our stuff and i want to take your poems and typeset a chapbook for you and put it in there if we do it.... and maybe it will be blissful by the frigging port city of baltimore, boats and docks very nearby... poetry readings on every corner....
if it happens.... you're coming up here to see and help….
“wildhorses"....... "where art and words run free"

and I wonder why this is all happening now. Why I’m sitting still doing nothing and everyone’s coming to me with opportunity. Hard to comprehend. But its cool.


It's always incomplete
and now that you've got what you wanted
it's the industry.
It's all those marching feet
and now that you got what you came for
opportunity is knocking at your knees.
-The Oranges Band
11:57 p.m. ::
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