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Thursday, May. 23, 2002

Last night I tried to read “A clockwork Orange  In fact I read the first chapter twice. I am confused as hell.  Why doesn’t this guy just write without all those Brit like words?  Ok so he’s British but you know what I mean.  Is he British?  Hmm…I’m just assuming here.  I am confused at best.  But I am determined.


I am going to cheat in an effort to know what it is I am reading.  I know I told ya Mad that you couldn’t cheat, but you saw the movie so you’re one up on me.  I am going to read this ….

http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/clockworkorange/index.html  and that’s that!


Now I know how “Bucky” feels when he comes to me with his books and says “what does this mean?”  Last night I went to him and said in my best 9 year old sounding whine “What does this mean?”  After he read a page he looked at me and said, “What language is this?”  I said, “This is the language of confusion.”


I did however read the entire novel “I was a teenage Dominatrix by Shawna Kinney last night in it’s entirety until almost 2 a.m.  But c’mon that was an easy read and it was entirely about sex.  So….it was….well…it was enlightening actually.  And I admire her for her “shocking” honesty without being downright off turning.


Ok so I’m lame.  Don’t bother telling me,  I already know.


I’m tired and cranky…and so I am out…




pssst…..Mad?  are you reading?  I’m on Chapter 2.  Wait….I’m on Chapter 1… oh hell….wait…. I don’t know what the hell I just read….I need to start over….wait no I read that twice, I’m on Chapter 2 for real.  Grrrrr…..



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