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I'm proud of you...

Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2002
I know someone who doesn’t have to “drive” to work anymore. I know someone who gets a check but doesn’t have to “report” to a job. I know someone who should be really proud of them selves this morning. I know someone that will do more work today than everyone I “go” to work with. I’m glad someone told me about all of this yesterday. I wish I could make breakfast this morning and fake whine for an hour or so about how unfair it s that I have to drive in the rain to work.

I’m proud of you, even prouder that we finally got it together enough that I could just know that someone I really like doesn’t have to go to work anymore. Really glad that I got to watch it happen like a full circle. Ok, enough of that…get back to work. The rest of us still do that…sometimes.

If I could stay home…I’d go back to bed. Nahhh, I'd probably pull out my schedule, look at my notebook and put my nose to the grindstone. (yeah I paid attention to some stuff)

Still in your corner,
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