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Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2004

I was expecting to work on a report today, and now there is no report to work on. So, I’ll be doing lots of interviews instead. It’s been beautiful weather here…ick…I’m talking about the weather? What is wrong with me?

Lately I haven’t felt much like writing anything anywhere. My heart has not been in this. I have been trying to get grounded.

So like my previous entry indicated Mr. Po Bronson is coming to my apartment on Friday to interview me for his next book about “When I learned what family is all about.” If you’re familiar with my family story and not ignorant like this one reader who states the following…

Why do you have to be so mean? Does being overweight, not attractive (Shrekity McShrek-Shrek), and orphaned (I forget, did she kick you out or kill herself?) give you the right to constantly fire personal attacks on people who don't agree with you? For being such a proponent of kindness and understanding in the world, you do tend to do a lot of tearing down to make yourself feel better. But, I understand the unsophisticated must stick with what they know.

And tell me, what's it like to have the jobs you look for be limited to secretary and telemarketing?
Perhaps a degree or two isn't so worthless afterall.

If I ever go to college and take up writing I hope I can learn unlike this guy that after all is two words. Two degrees and he doesn’t know this? Sad.

Furthermore, I’m not a secretary nor have I done any telemarketing. I was a professional debt collector and if this person knew what some bill collectors made he would rip up his degrees and go collect some bad debt. Furthermore, I would not call myself orphaned. I was 19 years old when my mother kicked me out and I had a father. I don’t think orphaned children are something to scoff and laugh about either. The “tearing down” part??? If he means himself, he’s right. It’s hard not to laugh at someone who calls himself a professional writer because they published a novel through www.iuniverse.com. Let me go ahead and do that too.

Lastly the ‘overweight’ comment…phhhft…obviously I don’t need to be told that I need to lose some weight, I’m joining a gym, buying Pilates, and eating no carbohydrates. I wonder how healthy Mr. so called wonderful is.

You know all of this is really pointless in the big scheme of my life. I have a great kid, a cool job, a sweet b.f. and some awesome friends. I’m happier now than I have been in a long time. I have big things to look forward to and I’ve come a long way. I’m over this petty stuff. But I address it because it’s happening and in response to my b.f. stating “You’re diary is slanted, it’s one sided.” Doh! It’s my diary and my thoughts. So yah…should be slanted.

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