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Saturday, May. 04, 2002
This morning my dogs got baths. You should see my dogs. They're really the best and their personalities rock. They know they have the good life. Websters just like Marmaduke. He’s just a big goon. He never barks. He's barked twice the entire 3 years that I've had him. Yeah, twice! Both times I about crawled out of my skin in fear of what he was barking at. Its like "oh shit....Websters barking...get a gun!" But the first time it was a pizza man, the second time it was the mailman. He doesnt' like men in uniform I guess....lol. But he only did it twice. Not every time the mailman comes. Nikki on the other hand barks at absolutely everything! She never fucking shuts up bark bark...barkity bark...bark and bark at that too!! I swear she looks back at Webster like "c'mon you dumbfuck...bark already!" then she'll look at me and bark some more like she's making up for him. When Webster messed up his leg....and was gone to the vets Nikki went ape shit looking for him everywhere. Wanting in the house...then out...then in....then out. Looking at us......almost pleading for us to find him for her. She hates him....won't let him near her food....or his own for that matter. She’s 25 lbs lighter than him but she’s most definitely the alpha dog in the house. She pushes him away with her body and barks and growls at him. He waits for her to be distracted then he runs and gets a mouthful of food and jumps up on the daybed in the sunroom to eat it. She's getting too old to jump up there....but she barks like nuts like "hey fuckhead....gimme my food back!" He just eats up there calmly. Once a week I have to rip the mattress off of it and vacuum up about a gallon of dog food. He is scared of her but he's smart too. When he was gone.....she wouldn't even eat. I kept telling her "listen you dumb bitch...hes gone...go eat your food in peace"

They're like an old married couple. They hate each other but can't contend without each other. One time when “Bucky” took her for a long walk without him. He went nuts looking for her. I was like "go eat you dumbass...she's not chasing you!" But he wouldn't eat. Doh! go figure! They love each other.

One day...in the morning before work......Nikki was whining like madly I thought something was wrong. I go running half dressed and find that the two of them are stuck together. I shut the door and left them like that!! But Webster’s fixed. They can't have puppies. Whew. That would suck

But Nikki had about 6 batches of puppies up in pa years ago. Her puppies were soo cute and Websters really a good-looking chow chow. They woulda had some kewl puppies But thank god! I say no thanks! “Bucky” keeps waiting for puppies to pee out of Nikki. He'll be waiting forever.

I guess that when they’re all soft and clean like they are today…I think about how cute and perfect and sweet they are. Sure I have argued that they make the house a mess and I really hate Nikki at 4 a.m. when she’s barking letting us know that the neighbor is just going to work and we surely need to be informed. But, she’s been with us since 1991 and that’s a long damn time. We managed to hang onto that dog despite living in places where we couldn’t have her. She had a stay at my in-laws barn where she ate an entire electrical cord and we fed her ex-lax to help her pass it. We’ve had Webster for about 3 years now. We saved him from the pound and then we saved his life again when all the authorities told us to put him down. That still makes me angry to think about when I see him running around in the backyard today and he’s perfectly healthy and fine now. Proof that you have to fight for love.

It’s the greatest feeling in the world when I can throw myself down on the floor and have doggies jumping all over me kissing and licking and carrying on. Nipping at my hair and my face. It’s moments like that that life is all about. It’s hard to feel down and out about anything when your best friends love you unconditionally.

Sometimes I look out of my kitchen window and see Nikki sitting guard like one of those lions at the end of the lane to a castle. She’ll be looking off into the distance and she looks so beautiful and Webster will be laying on his belly with his head on the ground between his paws looking completely content and then I have been known to call husband over to the window and I tell him “look at that”. I don’t know if he knows what we’re looking at but I do. He always smiles and hugs me..so I think he knows too. We’re pretty lucky to have those two muttleys..

Ok so I got a little sappy here….but puppy love does that to ya…. *groan*…yeah that was bad….

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