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Friday, Aug. 09, 2002
me: know what else I did?

t: :-)

t: what

me: i crawled into bed tonight with the cutest boy I know

t: your son

me: yup

me: til he fell asleep

me: all curled up around him

t: :-)

me: him saying "i'm getting too big for this mommy" but holding me back

t: :-)

me: tonight he was crying about being picked on at school for the way he reads

t: is he is ok?

me: so i promised him we're gonna read every day after school and that I'll remove some of his other chores so he can just read and get better

t: :-)

me: and show em how smart he is

me: like i know he is

t: see you are a great mommy

me: ya know what?

t: whats that babe?

me: if your whole world is a mess but there's one thing that never is...

me: its awesome if that one thing is your kid

t: awww...

t: true

me: i told him one time i wanted him to have a purple crayon like that little kid harold in those books

me: ever seen those?

t: nope

me: harold has a purple crayon and lives on a black piece of paper world where he creates his own world

me: if he wants a chair he draws one

me: if he wants to eat ice cream he draws it

t: :-)

me: he walks down streets that he draws

me: when he wakes up in the morning he draws a window with the sun outside

t: :-)

me: so.... i tell "bucky" always to remember he has his own purple crayon

me: so tonight he was all bummed out

me: so I went to target and bought 8 packs of those chubby crayons and took all of em out and made one pack of all purple and gave him the whole pack....all purple

me: he looks at me and says "wow."

t: LOL

t: awwww

me: yeah

t: how sweet

me: i told him to put that pack of crayons in his backpack.....take em to school....when he reads....color the whole class with smiles....and keep reading

t: awww

me: well... that's my kid

me: that's everything

t: of course

t: he is your kid so he must be great

me: thanks

me: everyone’s telling me that i'm messing up my kids life

me: just bums me out

t: I dont think you are

me: i dunno.... you know

t: I dont think you are babe

me: thanks

t: :-)

me: thanks for just saying the right thing when i need someone to just say the right thing to me

t: :-)

t: <---blushes

me: i just want to make things right and not do it by doing wrong things

t: I know that baby

me: frustrating that's all

me: but i'm ok

t: you are always thinking about doing the right thing for people

me: yeah...I guess I dunno

t: YES...

t: repeat after me...

me: ok yes

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