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Saturday8 color

Sunday, Jun. 16, 2002
COLORS @ Saturday-8
  1. The color of my heart is blue.
    Because it canít be fresh and pink without new oxygen.

  2. The color of my childhood was black.
    Because it was as dark as black.

  3. The color of my present time is black and white.
    Because itís a constant struggle of gray area.

  4. None of us can see our future, but maybe the color of my future would be bright.
    Because I have hope and the knowledge to get what I want.

  5. If you could choose the color of your skin, what do you want it to be? Why?
    Bronze, flushed with love. Because I want to just be happy.

  6. If you only had a black pencil in your hand, what would you like to draw? Why?
    The sun on the horizon so that I never forget that itís out there.

  7. Draw an abstract object in transparent. What is it? Why it is transparent?
    My soul is transparent if you know just where to look for it.

  8. If God appointed you to be His artist, what color would you use mostly to color this world? Why?
    Yellow, beause itís the happiest color Iíve ever seen.
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